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"I'm so stressed."
"My to-do list is endless."
"I don't have time for things I enjoy."

Woman at Subway

If you find yourself saying these things... you may benefit from therapy.

All around us life is buzzing with new opportunities for growth. In an effort to reach or maintain our “ideal” lifestyle, we spend extra hours at work, enroll our children in endless activities, volunteer for organizations, and put all our energy into achieving more and more. Sometimes it feels as though the days pass so quickly, and we are left to wonder: “Is stress all there is?” or “Is this it?”. You may begin to question if all the stress is worth it, since you feel you are never afforded the opportunity to truly just relax and enjoy life. Purely existing, even for a moment, has never crossed your mind or appeared as an option. You may not remember the last time you did something strictly for yourself; something for your own enjoyment and peace. Getting lost in our to-do lists or managing the emotional, physical and mental clutter of life, we often miss the present moment which offers so many gifts (if we are open to them).
It is important to remember that while “stress” often conjures up negative connotations, stress in and of itself is not “bad”. Stress is what propels us forward in life; it helps us survive. Without stress we would not know how to run away from an animal that is about to attack us, or study hard for a test. Stress becomes maladaptive (or, in other words, not helpful) when it interferes with our ability to enjoy life and when it taxes our physical, mental, and emotional selves.
It may feel as though there is no way out of the overwhelm, no way around the lengthy to-do lists of life. No, you do not have uproot your entire life (although you are free to, if this is what you feel called to do!). However, you may benefit from learning how to slowly tweak your habits, thoughts, and behaviors so they can better align with your values and priorities. As your therapist, I will work with you so we can discover ways you can best manage your stress, opening up a whole new world of opportunity, presence, and peace.

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