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My Approach

I work with young adults trying to get ahold of their anxiety, adjust to events in their life, everything that comes with the period of adolescence (peer pressure, self-worth, etc.) and those emerging into this so- called "adulting" stage. These stages of life usually range from 18-39. During this time, you could be experiencing major life transitions (break ups, marriage, graduating college, moving away, or anything in between), experiencing anxiety sometimes accompanied by panic attacks due to all the unknowns ahead, or perhaps struggling with the stress of balancing everything life requires of you.

I strive to create an organic and secure space to allow one to unmask themselves in a way they may not have been able to ever do. I use a mindful, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral approach to work alongside people to uncover their true strengths. Basically, focusing on how behaviors, emotions, and thoughts all intertwine while maintaining a solution mindset. Therapy takes commitment and the desire to change whats not working and develop healthier habits to pursue a full, happier, and balanced life. 

I offer wide-ranging experience in mental health. My educational background includes graduating from California State, Sacramento. This is where I earned both my BA and MS in Counseling. Beyond my education, I have worked in various settings, including psychiatric hospitals, schools, residential facilities, and I also have experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

As a therapist, I am asked frequently what led me to this work. Quite simply, the answer is my own humanity. I am not a stranger to climbing the mountain that is anxiety, I know intimately what it feels like to have a panic attack, and as a military spouse myself, I know how lonely, isolating, and intense the military lifestyle can be. I also know what it is like to be submerged in a totally new life, uprooted from all you have ever known.

Some life transitions I have personal experience contending with include: going to and graduating from college, fluctuating relationships and friendships, and getting married. I also know what it feels like to move across the country, leaving everyone and everything familiar behind. I am familiar with the feeling of having to start fresh in a completely new town and forge a new life. Most recently, I have been in the depths of the challenging and rewarding transition of becoming a new mom.
While your challenges are unique and are not identical to my own, I promise you I will approach whatever you bring to session with unbounded empathy. My own life challenges inform my ability to
hold space and provide you with the compassionate attention you deserve.

Working with you is a sacred honor. I would love to learn more about you and help you navigate the
unpredictable and joy-filled journey that is life!

You may be wanting to know more about me, as it can be intimidating to open up to someone
completely new. If this is you, here is a bit more about your new therapist!

I am originally from Northern California and I hold an unending desire to chase the outdoors. I particularly adore the mountains and try to be near them when I am able. My husband and I moved to Virginia Beach in 2019 for his career in

the military. I am two kinds of mom- (I am a human mom to an adorable infant and a dog mom to a lively Lab Retriever named Blue!). I love to go on adventures, whether they are nearby or anywhere else! I enjoy taking in the
sights, sounds, and salty air of the East Coast. You will often find our family camping and being outside. I
treasure time with my family and friends and on rainy days, can be found binge watching shows! I may
also be found in the kitchen, baking up a storm to share yummy treats with family and friends.

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