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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

A therapeutic approach to help you feel like you again.

Image by Alex Wing

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) uses rapid eye movements to help you process a memory/experience that has caused distress in your life. How? Engages you in memory recollection while the therapist guides you through image replacement and processing. You are in control the entire session. Benefits can be achieved starting from the first session whether you choose to share your memory aloud or not.

ART can be used for: depression, anxiety/panic attacks, phobias, OCD, trauma, grief, and much more.

Already have a weekly therapist? No problem! Holly can provide ART alongside your regular treatment. Sessions come in pairs- the first is 90 minutes (when ART takes place) followed by a 50 minute follow up the next week. Then, we'll talk about what's next! 

Please visit the Rates page and scroll to ART for more information.

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