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Do you feel an overwhelming sense of worry?

The human experience never promises certainty. With so many unknowns, our minds can spiral with the “what ifs” of life. When this happens, whether we realize it or not, we are inhabiting the future and abandoning what is right here before us in the present moment. Instead of enjoying life, we are held captive in our future concerns; we attempt to control what is to come. The problem is, much of life is out of our control and focusing all our energy on the future robs us of the joy we are invited to experience when we live presently.

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Are you getting trapped by the "what if" thoughts?

Our ability to think and plan for the future is a wonderful skill we use daily as humans, and it serves many important purposes. However, this ability also welcomes worry, stress, and anxiety. As a result of our anxiousness, we may experience uncomfortable feelings, sensations, or bodily pain. We may feel sick to our stomach, fatigued, notice a rapid heart rate, or experience insomnia. We even might suffer from severe panic attacks or have to manage social anxiety whenever we leave the house. No matter the type of anxiety you contend with, we will work together and begin to understand, listen to, and slowly disarm this anxious part of you. Through our sessions, you will begin to experience life in a way that is more present, calm, and whole. Anxiety will eventually loosen its tight grip so you can take control of your life again.

Coping is just the first step... Holly will walk alongside you to help you feel control over anxiety and bring peace back to your life! 

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety in simple terms is the experience of feeling overwhelmed and worried about the future. Typically, anxiety occurs when we listen to untrue or distorted thoughts. For example, we may believe we must have a terminal illness due to a symptom, or we may believe there will be a tragic storm in our area that will devastate our community. We might also experience social anxiety, and believe that nobody will like us or accept us. It is important to keep in mind that anxiety is complex and is not limited to our thinking. Anxiety is often held in the body, showing up as shallow breathing, insomnia, or panic attacks. It may even appear in the form of muscle tension or headaches. No matter your type, there are options when it comes to managing and coping with your anxiety. Let’s work together to create greater well-being.

Periods of panic attacks often involve...

Shortness of breath,


Hot flashes,

Pacing behavior,



Dry mouth,

Increase/decrease of appetite,



and it is not caused by a medical condition

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Anxiety has a way of feeling like a never ending climb; let Holly help you conquer this mountain!

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