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Life Transitions

In life there is one constant, and this constant is that change is inevitable. Our lives are constantly evolving and in a state of metamorphosis; we are graduating from school, moving to a new city, leaving a spouse, or discovering we have a terminal diagnosis. Whether we view these shifts as “good” or “bad”, we are here for them and have to face them.

The seasons model this reality beautifully for us; the flowers and trees bloom, flourish with nourishment from the sun and soil, and then eventually fade away as they prepare for the long winter ahead. Nature knows that a rebirth and renewed energy is right around the corner with the promise of spring. All of this would not be possible without change.

Our world is in a constant state of shifting. Even our bodies and our very cells are in a constant state of transition; the human body experiences the death of over a thousand cells per day, making way for new cells to live, and then die, and so forth. Although natural to our humanity, change can be devastating, difficult, and even lead us to feel hopeless and alone. We may experience deep grief as we move toward our next season of life, miss a beloved friend who passed on, or do everything in our power to avoid what comes next. Even exciting changes- such as getting married, having a first-born child, or sending your last teenager to college can come with an immense sense of loss and stress. 

Working together, we will discover and explore thought patterns and feelings surrounding such life transitions. You will gain new perspectives on your situation, work through your grief, and be invited to feel what is meant for you to feel in order to heal. You will discover the treasure that is often buried(sometimes deep) in the thick soil of both expected and unexpected change.

"How am I going to get through this?"

Image by Jacalyn Beales

Here to help you grow through this change and welcome the new season!

Benefits of therapy during an uncertain time:

Life changes occur when our life landscape shifts dramatically. Whether the new season we are in was brought on by a new job, a new spouse, a divorce, or moving to a new city, life changes are what makes life, life. Difficult seasons may include experiencing the death of a loved one or discovering you have a new and scary diagnosis. Learning how to adjust to a life we did not anticipate takes courage, patience, and time. Calling on a therapist to help you navigate these new roads is often wise as it lifts the load, offers new perspectives, and invites a less lonely experience of stepping into the unknown. Whatever your current life changes may be, I am honored to work with you toward greater equanimity.

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