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Grow Through The Seasons

Welcome Change Today

All of nature seeks to attain balance, and you are no different.

Let Bloom On Counseling help you better understand and tend to your own nature

so you can achieve greater wellness and peace.

Helping Young Adults through Anxiety, Life Transitions, Stress Management & Military Spouse Lifestyle

Home Office Setting in

Virginia Beach

Walk & Talk at local park

Telehealth anywhere in Virginia 


Behind Bloom On

You deserve to live a life filled with joy, worthiness, and knowing you are enough. Bloom On Counseling was formed in 2021 and was born out of Holly’s passion for walking alongside emerging and young adults struggling through trying seasons. She is passionate about helping clients unearth a newness within themselves- ultimately allowing her clients to obtain greater well-being, life balance, and self-acceptance. Holly knows that each client has unique inner strengths and resources, and often just need to be “watered” and “tended to” in order to flourish.

Just like a tree, you experience seasons of blooming, shedding the unnecessary, and growing according to your own inherent natural rhythms. As your counselor, Holly will compassionately assist you in discovering the core of who you are while focusing on what feeds your unique being and growth. As a tree reaches toward the sun, my goal for you is to rise toward greater balance, clarity, and happiness.

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